The Crossroads of Special Operations

Friday, April 23, 2021

An Overview of Special Ops Prep Courses and Pre-Selection Programs | Military.com

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A well-trained special operator is at the core of all successful missions in all branches of service. Becoming a special operator requires a rigorous screening process. However, each branch of service have their own preparation courses to give applicants who apply themselves, a better chance of succeeding. Special ops attrition rates are above 50-75% and that takes its toll, not only fiscally, but on the lives of those who train to become a special ops team member.

Here is an overview of the different preparation courses offered:

Special Operations Preparation Course (SOPC) – This two-week primer course is designed to prepare the Special Forces candidates for what is typically the hardest phase physically – SFAS. 

However, for members of the National Guard (REP 63) and 18x newly enlisted members, there is another prep course:  Army Special Forces Preparation and Conditioning (SFPC) – This is nearly three weeks long and will take the new soldier or National Guard SF candidates to a new level of fitness and land navigation. Course Description. After these prep courses, soldiers will attend Special Forces Assessment and Selection course and the follow-on Special Forces Qualification Course.

Source: An Overview of Special Ops Prep Courses and Pre-Selection Programs | Military.com

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