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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Congresswoman wants Navy to help fight Mexican sewage spills | The San Diego Tribune

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Rep. Susan Davis wants the Navy to study the impact of Mexican sewage spills on the new $1 billion SEAL training center.

Davis, a San Diego Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee, has grown concerned about untreated sewage leaking from Tijuana’s aging and overworked wastewater collection and treatment system, a problem exacerbated by surges of fecal contamination when Mexican pipes break, pumps fail and rain falls.

In February 2017, a sewage trunk line south of the border ruptured. Over 17 days it spewed as much as 230 million gallons of raw sewage into the Pacific Ocean.

Repairing the pipes spilled more wastewater into the Tijuana River channel, which empties into the sea near Imperial Beach, near the home of the new 600-acre Silver Strand SEAL center.

Over the past three years, Imperial Beach alone has suffered 160 days of closures because of the pollution.

Source: Congresswoman wants Navy to help fight Mexican sewage spills | The San Diego Tribune

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