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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Salute Our Troops | John Latham helps mentor young SEAL recruits | 3 News Las Vegas

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Our nominee this time, John Latham , served in the U.S Navy — in fact, he was part of the Navy’s “Sea, Air, and Land” special forces — also known as Navy SEALs. Latham is tough as nails, but has a heart of gold — and these days he spends much of his time serving others right here in the Las Vegas community.

“I was a Southern California surfer,” said Latham. “I surfed with two guys that had short hair in Huntington Beach in 1975. They were great watermen, and they said, if you join the Navy and become a SEAL, you get to surf all around the world.”

That’s pretty much all it took for Latham. For a man who loved the ocean and being in the water, becoming a Navy SEAL seemed like a perfect fit. Though he couldn’t discuss with us any of his secret missions, he did say his service took him around the world, and into some pretty difficult spots. But he was always surrounded by the best.

Source: Salute Our Troops | John Latham helps mentor young SEAL recruits | 3 News Las Vegas

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