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Friday, September 17, 2021

Interview with Clay Tippins, Former Navy SEAL, Running for GA Governor | Ammoland

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Clay Tippins attended the elite Stanford University on a swimming scholarship. After finishing college instead of taking a high paying job, Tippins joined the US Navy. He would go onto become a Navy SEAL.

In 2000 he was discharged from the Navy and worked for several high-profile companies. He was an executive vice president for one of these company, but he wanted to make a difference in the War on Terror.

He once again traded a suit for a gun and deployed to Iraq as a Lieutenant Commander in the SEALs. Along with his team, he carried out counterterrorism operations targeting ISIS cells. Now he wants to make a difference in another way.

Tippins is running in the Georgia Republican primary for Governor. He claims to be the most pro-second amendment candidate on the ballot. I had a chance to speak to him about the issues and what separates him from his revivals.

Source: Interview with Clay Tippins, Former Navy SEAL, Running for GA Governor | Ammoland

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