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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Lawsuit: Pentagon Contractor Treated Workers Like ‘Slaves’ | The Daily Beast

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A major government contractor kept American workers in “slave-like conditions,” confiscated their passports, and forced them to work around toxic chemicals with no protection, according to a previously unreported lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that the outsourcing firm ManTech defrauded the federal government while violating a landmark anti-slavery law. If the lawsuit is successful, it will deal a body blow to one of the Pentagon’s biggest contractors. A spokesperson for ManTech said the company does not comment on ongoing litigation. Earlier this month, the company filed a motion to dismiss the suit saying the lawsuit was based on “undeveloped legal theories and scattershot allegations.”

The lawsuit says ManTech “relied upon forced labor to illegally sacrifice its employees’ health and safety in pursuit of a higher profit margin.”

Source: Lawsuit: Pentagon Contractor Treated Workers Like ‘Slaves’ | The Daily Beast

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