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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Futuristic, new Navy SEAL boat dubbed ‘Batmobile’ | Fox News

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A Navy SEAL futuristic, ultra-fast, wave piercing, attack craft is breaking ground to help prepare for future wars.

It’s stealthy, ultra-fast and it can go places other crafts can’t. In the nation’s vast fleet, those lucky enough to spot this craft often describe it as the most remarkable looking vessel in the Navy.

Since its debut, this mysterious vessel rapidly became dubbed a “batmobile” or a “bat boat” on water.

This week, the SEAL craft with its utterly unique look was turning heads as it traveled inland along the Potomac River. With talk of potential war in Syria dominating headlines, speculation was rampant. What was this mystery boat? Was it heading to the nation’s capital? If so, why?

Source: Futuristic, new Navy SEAL boat dubbed ‘Batmobile’ | Fox News

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