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Afghanistan’s top SOF leader answers the people | DVIDS News
NSOCC-A photo by Robert Ditchey

Afghanistan’s top SOF leader answers the people | DVIDS News

Radio Bayan: Last year the Special Operations Command Division upgraded to a Corps. Why did it changed to a Corps and how effective is this change on fighting and supporting of Afghan Security Forces in Afghanistan?

Lt. Gen. Waziri: According to Afghanistan government’s four-year plan and the situation of the war that we are facing, we decided to upgrade the Special Operations Division to a Corps. We work on recruitment of personnel, education and training of personnel, equipment of personnel and then we are trying to start the work. As you know that we started from Battalion, then it developed to Regiment and they did all Special Operations in Afghanistan, then upgraded to Division and at the end this section upgraded to Corps. The Special Operations Forces have their specific responsibilities. We have our responsibilities and do the Special Operations all seasons. The Special Operations Forces have lots of achievements and victories during the past year, and we defeat our enemies. For example, the Daesh group wanted to establish their terror centers in the south of Nangarhar province, but with support of the people of Afghanistan and power of Commando Forces and Special Forces, the enemies couldn’t build their terror centers there. At first the enemy killed lots of the people in those areas, they destroyed all the houses, schools and agricultural lands. We prevented them from building terror centers and thousands of them were killed during our operations.

Source: Afghanistan’s top SOF leader answers the people | DVIDS News

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