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Friday, June 25, 2021

Lessons from lemurs: To make friends, show off your smarts | Science Daily

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“We were able to show clever lemurs — some of our earliest primate relatives — increasing their social centrality as the result of their problem-solving,” said Daniel Rubenstein, Princeton’s Class of 1877 Professor of Zoology and a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and the lead author on the April 5 paper in the journal Current Biology.

“Our findings are highly significant because no other study has previously shown that the relationship between learning and social network position are feedback-based, such that learning influences network connections and position in addition to being influenced by it,” said Ipek Kulahci, the first author on the paper, who completed her Ph.D. at Princeton in 2014.

Previous research has shown that primates learn new skills more rapidly by observing others. This experiment showed that the flipside is true as well: lemurs with a new skill became more popular the more they practiced it.

Source: Lessons from lemurs: To make friends, show off your smarts | Science Daily

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