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Top 10 Navy sailors of all time | Navy Times

Top 10 Navy sailors of all time | Navy Times


So you may notice that the Marine Corps, the Navy, and the Army will all get a top 10, while the Air Force only got a top 5. There is a legitimate reason behind this. The Army Air Service/Army Air Corps/Air Force has been around for a few months shy of 100 years. There aren’t as many to choose from as there are with the three branches all over 200 years old. That’s why ― it’s not because we hate the Air Force. In fact, we told you a few weeks ago that we loved the Air Force so…(nanny nanny boo boo stick your head in…).

Without further shenanigans (say it again, we dare you). The top 10 sailors of all time!!

1. John Paul Jones (tie)

Friggin damn straight. John Paul Jones was the bane of Davy Jones and the British, during the Revolutionary War and is known as the father of the U.S. Navy. John Paul Jones holds the honor of hoisting the first U.S. Ensign (flag for land lubbers) over a U.S. naval vessel. In addition to that, during his command of the Ranger and Bonhomme Richard, that he royally pissed off the British Navy, eventually taking their 50-gun frigate HMS Serapis. It’s true, he had not yet begun to fight.

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