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Sunday, May 9, 2021

International commandos to show off capabilities in Tampa again in May | TBO

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Be afraid Mayor Buckhorn.

Be very afraid.

The bad guys might be after you again.

You know the ones. They show up every other year in Tampa and capture you, only to see you rescued by a cadre of international commandos swooping in on helicopters, inflatable boats and ground vehicles.

Then you come roaring back in triumph, blasting away on a 50-caliber machine gun.

The bad guys, of course, are actors. Not the Alex Jones tin-foil crisis kind that the InfoWars bloviator waxes on about, but folks role-playing an adversary that the international commandos can defeat in a demonstration of their tactics, techniques and procedures.

It’s all part of the International Special Operations Forces meeting, which brings commando leaders from around the world to Tampa. It takes place pretty much every other year in conjunction with the annual Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, scheduled this year for May 21-24 at the Tampa Convention Center.

Source: International commandos to show off capabilities in Tampa again in May | TBO

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