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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Inside Look Into India’s Special Operations in Myanmar | News 18

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After its documentary on India’s September 2016 Surgical Strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, History TV18 is now all set to air a documentary titled ‘Special Operations India: Myanmar’, which will take an inside look at the Indian Army’s special ops against terror outfits near the Indo-Myanmar border. The documentary airs at 9 pm on Wednesday.

On 4th June 2015, an Indian Army convoy was ambushed in Chandel District, Manipur. Eighteen Indian soldiers were martyred, in what was one of the worst militant attacks in North-East India in a decade. In response, the Indian Army sent in Paratrooper Special Forces to trace the attackers along the India Myanmar Border and destroy their militant stronghold, before more terror attacks could follow. It was a classified mission that’s now known as Operation Hot Pursuit.

“Operation Hot Pursuit” was a race against time. It remains one of India’s most daring military operations in recent history. It was the need of the hour, following the militant attack on an Indian Army convoy. The ambush had been planned and carried out by an insurgent group called the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khapalang (NSCN K).
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