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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Leading from the top; AFSOC commander and command chief host all call | DVIDS News

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Innovation was the main theme when Air Force Special Operations Command commander Lt. Gen. Brad Webb and command Chief Master Sgt. Gregory Smith gathered their staff for an all call March 13 at the Soundside.

“Wherever we are called upon, we find the way to be the force our nation needs us to be – a balanced force with value across the spectrum,” said Webb. “Our strategic value resides across the spectrum; it resides across all specialties and mission sets, including global access, persistent engagement, special operations strike and worldwide crisis response.”

Innovation is at the heart of all Air Commandos, and has continued to get the mission accomplished.

“For us, this is where our innovation, coupled with the National Defense Strategy guidance and coupled with what is at the heart of what our culture is, becomes important,” said Webb. “Air Commandos live by an ethos…there is a way, and we find it. One thing I have learned is that Air Commandos don’t quit, don’t let challenges stop them from getting the mission done – we do what we need to do.”

Source: Leading from the top; AFSOC commander and command chief host all call | DVIDS News

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