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Monday, June 21, 2021

Congress has some questions about DoD’s multibillion cloud program | C4ISRNET

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Lawmakers used a new spending bill introduced March 21 to raise concerns about the Department of Defense’s current approach to buying new cloud computing services through a single multibillion dollar contract.

Congress wants the secretary of Defense to provide two reports on the DoD’s cloud acquisition program, known as Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI), to justify the program’s contract format, duration, and cost.

The JEDI program has been controversial almost since it was announced because it aims to transform the Pentagon’s IT system through a single, multibillion-dollar 10-year award rather than awarding several companies work on the program. Many industry leaders argue that the broad scope of the single contract leaves only a handful of companies capable of meeting the requirements. Lawmakers shared those worries.

“There are concerns about the proposed duration of a single contract, questions about the best value for the taxpayer, and how to ensure the highest security is maintained,” reads the draft of Congress’ omnibus appropriations bill.

Source: Congress has some questions about DoD’s multibillion cloud program | C4ISRNET

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