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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

This Is Carolina: Elite military dogs come to aid of ‘wounded warriors’ | WMBF News

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Last week, WMBF aired a special This Is Carolina about a local charity called SOWW, which stands for Special Operations Wounded Warriors.

SOWW members and hunters take part annually in a hog hunt called Takin Bacon. It happens under the radar.

Part one looked at Takin Bacon 2018 and how SOWW made a difference for one retired Army Ranger when the group gave him a new military service dog that will change his life.

This week’s part two took a deeper look at how that surprise came to be.

SOWW is beginning a new chapter of this canine charity. It was inspired locally by an American war hero and led to a partnership with a Canadian-based elite canine training company, Baden K-9.

A few days before the Takin Bacon weekend event, WMBF News was invited to a SOWW board member’s home, where other board members and charity benefactors were gathering for a day of food, music and camaraderie before the big event.

Source: This Is Carolina: Elite military dogs come to aid of ‘wounded warriors’ | WMBF News

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