The Crossroads of Special Operations

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Russia conducts special operations exercise in Gulf of Finland | ERR

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Russia’s Western Military District has conducted exercises of its tactical special operations units on islands in the Gulf of Finland, the Russian defense ministry reported on Tuesday.

The units parachuted onto the islands of Hogland and Bolshoi Tyuters, where they went through different reconnaissance exercises, practised gathering surveillance data using unmanned aircraft, and “blocked off objects of importance to the enemy,” the ministry said.

Signal troops practised the establishing and operation of radio connections using conventional equipment in a situation where the enemy controls radio transmissions, it added.

After the tasks of the units were finished, they were evacuated to an airfield of the Western Military District. More than 50 military personnel were involved in the exercise.

Source: Russia conducts special operations exercise in Gulf of Finland | ERR

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