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Friday, September 17, 2021

War on Terrorism: The Making of a Philippine Scout Ranger (video) | AEC News

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The Philippines is on the front line in the global war on terrorism with recent reports saying that Maute-ISIS remnants are regrouping and preparing to mount additional attacks. Ready to leap into action at a moments notice are the Philippine Scout Rangers; officially, the 1st Scout Ranger Regiment.

A highly trained, multi-skilled, quick reaction force ready to be deployed quickly behind enemy lines at short notice, Philippine Scout Rangers are modelled in part on the US Army Rangers and part on the Alamo Scouts — the U.S. Army 6th Army Special Reconnaissance Unit — during WWII. Anti-guerrilla jungle warfare, intelligence gathering, hostage rescue, urban warfare, and sabotage, are among the skills they hone.

Originally established in 1950, the regiment was disbanded in 1989 over its participation in the coup attempt against the administration of Corazon Aquino, before being reformed in 1991 to combat rising insurgency.

Extensively involved in the ‘Battle for Marawi’ last year, Philippine Scout Rangers were the first elite military unit deployed with the 1st Infantry division to spearhead the battle against the Maute group, also known as the Islamic State of Lanao (ISL), who took over parts of the city, resulting in its evacuation.

Source: War on Terrorism: The Making of a Philippine Scout Ranger (video) | AEC News

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