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Two cultures, colliding | Exponential View

Two cultures, colliding | Exponential View

Two cultures, colliding

Hi, I’m Toomas Hendrik Ilves, former President of Estonia. I currently divide my time between Stanford, serving as the co-chair of the WEF’s Global Future Council on Blockchain, and a member of Munich Security Conference Advisory board. You can follow me @IlvesToomas.

While we revel in – or at least enjoy – the technological advances, from social media to ride services, we have yet to understand or come to terms with what all this entails for electoral democracy as well as our privacy. Geeks and techies rarely think about the ethical and political implications of their products; politicians, law and policy makers often lack the basic skills to even understand how technology has changed how democracies work.

The exceedingly small Venn diagram intersection set between technology companies’ understanding of democracy and democratic governments’ understanding of technology has been a concern, both professional and now academic, for at least a quarter-century. This edition of Exponential View is largely devoted to this.

Source: Two cultures, colliding | Exponential View

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