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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Polish special forces privatise parachute training | Jane’s 360

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Poland’s GROM special forces unit on 27 February issued a tender for private contractors to provide aircraft, aircrews, and infrastructure for parachute training.

The call is for 60 flying hours with an aircraft with doors bigger than 1.2 m2 and 50 hours with an aircraft with a rear door or ramp wider than 1.7 m2 , with the possibility of doubling these hours. The contract will run until 30 November, which excludes winter training.

The Polish Armed Forces operate a wide range of aircraft suitable for providing the entire spectrum of special forces parachute training, including the An-28/M28, C-295, and C-130E.

Source: Polish special forces privatise parachute training | Jane’s 360

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