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Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Missouri governor’s scandal is a cautionary tale | The Washington Post

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It’s a scandal for our times, an iconoclastic political outsider undone by allegations of homemade revenge porn. Or maybe Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens won’t be undone. Running a page from the playbook of his pal President Trump, the Republican rookie is plunging ahead, gutting it out, evidently ­impervious to embarrassment.

If you’ve missed this story amid the welter of news, let me catch you up. A couple of years ago, Missouri appeared to be headed to another of its customary statewide elections in which a ladder-climber from the Democratic Party would square off against a ladder-climbing Republican to succeed an incumbent known mainly for his ladder-climbing skills.

Then out of nowhere — check that, out of the digital blue — came Greitens, a political unknown who appeared to be conjured from a consultant’s wildest dreams. The young and handsome Rhodes scho­lar was a decorated Navy SEAL, a Democrat turned Republican, a champion of veterans and a scourge of crony corruption.

Source: The Missouri governor’s scandal is a cautionary tale | The Washington Post

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