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Friday, September 17, 2021

Official: Special Operators Must ‘Reinvent’ Themselves | National Defense

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Special Operations Forces must “rediscover and reinvent” themselves to adjust for the increasing ability of near peer competitors, according to a Defense Department official.

Mark Mitchell, principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict, said Feb. 28 special operators will not always have technological advantages over their enemies and must be prepared for a “great power competition.”

“Russia today is not the Soviet Union and China today is not the China of the 70s or 80s,” he noted at the Special Operations-Low Intensity Conflict Symposium and Exhibition in Arlington, Virginia sponsored by the National Defense Industrial Association. “There are many ways in which [these nations] are much more integrated into the international security architecture and the economic systems while also trying to manipulate and undermine it.”

The National Defense Strategy also notes that competition will occur in areas “short of open warfare”; the United States will need to compete in areas such as cyber warfare and industrial espionage, he said. Adversaries have acquired advanced capabilities such as advanced computing, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, he noted.

Source: Official: Special Operators Must ‘Reinvent’ Themselves | National Defense

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