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Raj Shah exits DIUx | Defense News
Photo by Senior Master Sgt. Adrian Cadiz

Raj Shah exits DIUx | Defense News

Raj Shah has stepped down as the head of the Pentagon’s DIUx Silicon Valley office after almost two years on the job.

Shah quietly left the job Feb. 22, handing control of the group over to U.S. Navy Capt. Sean Heritage, who will serve as the acting lead until a new managing partner is named, said Defense Department spokeswoman Michelle Baldanza.

Shah will remain attached to DIUx in some capacity through his spot in the Air National Guard, Baldanza added.

DIUx, formally the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental, was created by then-Secretary of Defense Ash Carter in 2015 under different leadership as an outpost in Silicon Valley that could help bring cutting-edge technology to the Pentagon.

However, the group floundered, and months later Carter relaunched it as DIUX 2.0, with Shah in charge.

Source: Raj Shah exits DIUx | Defense News

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