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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Lawmaker: SOCOM reliance on war fund ‘deeply troubling’ | Stars & Stripes

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The chair of a House Armed Services Committee sub-panel on Thursday praised a proposed 10 percent funding hike for U.S, special operations forces but pushed back against the continued reliance on the so-called war fund.

Rep. Elise Stefanik, R.-N.Y., said in a Thursday hearing that under the 2019 budget request, the U.S. special operations forces and command would see its funding increase to $13.6 billion and grow its force to more than 71,000.

Both would mark the largest ever, and money would be largely sourced from Overseas Contingency Operations, or OCO.

“While I am pleased to see continued fiscal support for special operations forces, it is deeply troubling to see continued dependency on (OCO) funding,” said Stefanik, chairwoman of the House Armed Services Committee subpanel on emerging threats and capabilities.

The fund has raised concerns as a runaway spending train for its wide range of uses and lack of budget caps.

Source: Lawmaker: SOCOM reliance on war fund ‘deeply troubling’ | Stars & Stripes

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