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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Military Veterans Come Together For Iraqi & Afghan Refugees In Colorado | CBS Denver

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Some military veterans are coming together for Iraqis and Afghans who put their lives on the line to help as translators in the Middle East.

The vets are fighting for a bill at the state capitol that would grant in-state college tuition to refugees, including foreign nationals from Afghanistan and Iraq who helped interpret for U.S. soldiers and diplomats.

Maytham Alshadood is one of those translators. In 2005, he risked his life and the lives of his family members to be an interpreter for the U.S. militaryin Baghdad.

“It is really dangerous for us to do that work because we were targeted by insurgents and we were labeled as traitors,” he said.

In return for his service, he received a special immigrant visa that brought him to Colorado, where veterans receive in-state college tuition. But Alshadood – who fought side-by-side with American soldiers for nearly three years – was told he wasn’t a veteran nor a Coloradan.

Source: Military Veterans Come Together For Iraqi & Afghan Refugees In Colorado | CBS Denver

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