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Friday, June 25, 2021

US military completes Niger ambush investigation | CNN Politics

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An investigation into the October 2017 ambush in Niger by ISIS affiliated fighters that killed four US soldiers has been completed, according to several US defense officials.

The initial report of the investigation findings is expected to be sent to General Thomas Waldhauser, the commanding general of US Africa Command who could make a decision on whether to recommend administrative reprimands and punishments for any of those involved in authorizing the mission.
Several officials say although no final decision has been made it is possible some personnel may receive administrative punishments for not precisely following the rules when the mission was carried out. Two officials familiar with Army special operations and the Niger mission say these type of punishments are likely to lead to hard feelings between Africa Command and the special operations community — which feels it is often asked to take risks and then disciplined for doing so.
Waldhauser could also ask investigators for more information before signing off on the finished report. Africa Command declined to comment.
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