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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Third Female Marine Now in Selection to Become MARSOC Raider | Military.com

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Another female candidate has quietly made it through most of the first phase of the assessment and selection process of Marine Corps Special Operations Command in a quest to become the first female MARSOC Raider.

A 25-year-old female sergeant has almost completed the 21-day first phase of A&S after beginning the course Jan. 16, MARSOC spokesman Maj. Nicholas Mannweiler confirmed to Military.com.

The sergeant, who comes from the food specialist military occupational specialty, is on her first attempt through the phase.

If she makes it to the end of the course, which wraps up the week of Feb. 5, with a high enough aggregate academic and physical training score, she will be the first woman to enter the challenging and secretive second phase of MARSOC assessment and selection.

But that is not a given. Mannweiler said it’s expected that a number of candidates will leave the selection pipeline at the phase’s conclusion with insufficient scores.

Source: Third Female Marine Now in Selection to Become MARSOC Raider | Military.com

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