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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Defense hawks push for $150 billion increase in spending | The Washington Times

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Defense hawks on Capitol Hill are eyeing a massive boost in defense spending, but even they are beginning to embrace what’s long been a mantra for deficit hawks: There’s fat to trim at the Pentagon.

The military’s boosters are pushing for a budget-cap busting $150 billion increase in defense spending over the next two years, saying the department has been hollowed out by the “sequester” caps that have been in place since 2013.

But they are increasingly demanding better accounting for those dollars, saying that the bureaucracy has grown too big even as the troops in the field are scrimping.

“I will say moving forward long-term, we do have to get a handle on some of the spending in the military,” said Rep. Scott Taylor, a former Navy SEAL sniper.

Mr. Taylor said the Army readily acknowledges that it spends upwards of $500 million per year on certain infrastructure they don’t even use.

Source: Defense hawks push for $150 billion increase in spending | The Washington Times

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