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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Interview with Tim Kennedy | Green Beret, UFC Fighter, and ‘Hard to Kill’ | Ammoland

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What type of person would go on Fox News after ISIS puts a price on their head and give out his home address and challenge ISIS to come get him? Maybe a Green Beret who was a Ranger sniper? Perhaps a UFC fighter? Possibly a guy who is “Hard To Kill” and is known for “Hunting Hitler”? The answer is all of the above!

Tim Kennedy has worn many hats in his life. He is a world-class athlete who turned pro in MMA during college. After college, Tim signed up for the army eventually becoming a Green Beret serving in the 7th Special Forces Group. He went on to compete in the UFC further proving he’s earned the title of “bad ass.”

Proving physical prowess is not the only thing Tim had in his arsenal he went on to found the wildly popular Ranger Up clothing brand. He is the star of the History Channel’s “Hunting Hitler,” and an upcoming Discovery show “Hard To Kill.” These feets are in addition to appearing in movies such as “Range 15.”

I had a chance meeting with Tim Kennedy at the 5.11 SHOT Show party in Las Vegas. He agreed to set down for an interview with me the next day.

Source: Interview with Tim Kennedy | Green Beret, UFC Fighter, and ‘Hard to Kill’ | Ammoland

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