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Monday, May 10, 2021

Aiming? Identifying targets? This system will do everything but pull the trigger. | Army Times

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Army developers have entered the second phase of testing a computer-controlled, stabilized system that can auto-correct a rifle’s aim for pinpoint accuracy and identify and recommend targets.

The active stabilization or AIMLOCK system still requires a human to squeeze the trigger, but everything else about marksmanship — azimuth, target movement, airspeed, velocity, range, vehicle motion and even shooter instability — is corrected by the built-in computer system, according to an Army release.

Army officials with the Joint Service Small Arms Program office first began looking at the program in its conceptual phase in 2012, dubbing it the Future Integral Targeting Engagement System.

The program’s aim is to “create a technology that would translate a shooter’s intent into perfect execution every time, on any firearm, in any situation,” according to the release.

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