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Sunday, June 13, 2021

NZ’s elite SAS soldiers get rugged new army vehicles | NZ Herald

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New Zealand’s elite SAS soldiers have received a multi-million dollar fleet of new special operations vehicles, although just how many remains top secret.

The rugged high-tech cross-country Special Operations Vehicles – Mobility Heavy (SOV-MH) have been delivered by British vehicle specialists Supacat and will roll into service over the coming months.

Designed for the world’s elite special forces units, the HMT Extenda MK2 can be used either as four- or six-wheel machines depending on the crack soldiers’ mission or terrain.

Its “open architecture” means it can be fitted with varying amounts of armour, or none at all, depending on operational needs, Supacat said in a statement.

Source: NZ’s elite SAS soldiers get rugged new army vehicles | NZ Herald

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