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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Mustang Survival and ADS, Inc. Unveil Next-Generation Special Ops Life Preserver | ADS INC

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With support from ADS, Inc., Mustang Survival has developed a groundbreaking new life preserver so lightweight, low profile and non-restrictive that military operators will barely know they’re wearing it.

Company officials, who will debut the product at SHOT Show 2018 in Las Vegas next week, say the new product represents the smallest self-righting inflatable Life Preserver Unit (LPU) on the market today.

Called the Next Generation Inflatable LPU for Special Operations, the preserver weighs in at just one pound, thanks to an ultra-lightweight membrane film in the inflation chamber.

Special Operations Forces have long sought a programmable automatic inflator that allows the user to select the inflation profile of their LPU based on the mission. In addition, existing horse-collar style self-righting Life Preserver Units are large and bulky, negatively impacting mission performance.  These current LPUs restrict the wearer’s field of vision and head mobility, create snag hazards and interfere with weapon use.

Source: Mustang Survival and ADS, Inc. Unveil Next-Generation Special Ops Life Preserver | ADS INC

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