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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Anti-terror super squad formed to safeguard Britain from attacks | Express

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They will offer wide expertise in a number of areas, ranging from cyber warfare to chemical attacks.

The unit will spearhead Operation Temperer, the Government’s over- arching security plan to provide thou- sands of soldiers to protect civilians during a high terror threat.

It follows warnings by intelligence chiefs at the Joint Terrorist Analysis Centre that extremists are now seeking new targets and “spectacular incidents”, including ports and power stations.

The routing of Isis from its so-called caliphate in Iraq and Syria has seen hundreds of well-trained jihadis make their way through Turkey, determined to wreak havoc in Europe.

Operation Temperer, first used after the Manchester Arena attack, is already geared up to deploy more than 5,000 soldiers, including up to 100 Special Forces troops drawn from the SAS, SBS and the Special Forces Support Group.

They would support police and counter-terror agencies in the event of a terror attack.

Source: Anti-terror super squad formed to safeguard Britain from attacks | Express

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