How Mistakes Lead to Success | Mauldin Economics

How Mistakes Lead to Success | Mauldin Economics

“Creative people don’t make mistakes. We make discoveries.”

I heard that quote at a hair convention years ago. I was there with my wife, who is a Paul Mitchell stylist.

The speaker was right. Great ideas often originate in unexpected places.

I like to think I’m creative. I’m also a creature of habit. One such habit: coffee at exactly 10:00 every morning.

Last Wednesday at 10:00, I went to the brewer and did what I always do: pump some vanilla creamer into a cup, place the cup in the machine, load a pod and wait.

When I pulled the cup out, the coffee was a funny color.

On tasting it, I knew instantly this wasn’t my normal blend—but it wasn’t bad. I actually liked it.

Source: How Mistakes Lead to Success | Connecting the Dots Investment Newsletter | Mauldin Economics