Zinke Call Out… on the House Floor

Zinke Call Out… on the House Floor

Text for Zinke Speech on House Floor 12:20 pm 5/13

Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of admiral Brian Losey, the current commander of special warfare command, our nation’s top U.S.. seal.

He’s entrusted with the honor of commanding all seals, all special — — special boat units and all support staff across this great country and across many theaters. I’ve had the privilege of serving with Brian Losey. Seal team six, red team.

I can tell you, Brian is an outstanding officer. But it’s the obligation of every officer to take action when he sees wrong. And Brian Losey did just that. He saw a problem and took action. He took decisive action because he knew the actions of others around him were wrong.

Once again an entrusted, entrenched bureaucracy was allowed to hide behind threats, hide behind whistleblower, hide behind rules that were intended to protect command and not to erode it. And yet those acquisitions — accusations discredited a great officer and the head of the united states navy seals.

I understand these protections are important. And they are necessary. But we cannot allow such protections to go against accountability and against the sanctity of command. In this case, the navy reviewed the investigation on admiral Brian Losey. They found him to be innocent and wrongly accused.

I’ve seen the evidence and went through line by line. I fully support the navy’s conclusion and believe they were properly reviewed in this case. The D.O.D. had different conclusions. And I believe those D.O.D. conclusions from the i.g. are flawed and are cherry-picked. Admiral Losey is highly regarded by his subordinates, of all special naval warfare community, and all seals who have served with him and under his command. This includes the navy seal standing before you. I’ve known this man and his family for 30 years.

Let me just give you a snapshot of Admiral Losey’s leadership, under his command of navy special warfare.

The seals and those under his command have executed 654 total missions, have killed 461 high-value targets. Every one of those targets, if given a chance, would do grievous harm to our nation. Have captured 60 wounded — 60, wounded 32, rescued an American hostage, deployed an average of 250 days of a year.

In 2015 alone in Iraq, navy special warfare and its components are were responsible for killing or capturing over 3,000 enemy combatants.

Admiral Losey personally deployed to operation resolving (sp), operation enduring freedom, and the 30 countries — and deployed to 30 countries. Forces under his command are deployed to 70 countries across this great globe. They advance security capability, train over 6,000 of our allies.

Mr. Speaker, America, our men, women, and children, both at home and abroad, are able to sleep at night due to the leadership of Admiral Losey and those forces he commands.

Admiral Brian Losey, I thank you for your dedication to command. I thank you for all you have done for the community, for the united states navy, and for our grateful nation. Mr. Speaker, I yield.