Pentagon Preps CR List for Congress

Pentagon Preps CR List for Congress

The Pentagon has sent Congress a list of programs that would require congressional approval to fund under a continuing resolution (CR) – programs that would otherwise be blocked if lawmakers use the budget mechanism to fund the government once fiscal year 2015 ends, a scenario that appears increasingly  likely.

The 12-page list of “appropriation anomalies” covers various items that would require special dispensation from Congress to be funded under a continuing resolution, including new start programs for weapons, vehicles, advanced sensors and construction. Other provisions would extend authority to fund intelligence programs and support foreign military partnerships.

Also included is the authority to transfer funds from elsewhere in the DoD budget into these programs, as under a continuing resolution, the government would operate at same funding levels as the prior year.

Major items on the list include the Army’s recently-awarded Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program, several key Air Force space programs, as well as certain Navy shipbuilding funds and technological upgrades.

Source: Pentagon Preps CR List for Congress