Israel Strategy Accents Offense Over Defense

Israel Strategy Accents Offense Over Defense

Offense is Israel’s overarching military modernization priority for the coming five years, with defense playing an expanded, albeit enabling role in future combat operations, according to the nation’s top uniformed officer.

In an extraordinarily comprehensive strategy document released this month, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) chief of staff, outlined strategic, operative and domestic considerations driving priorities and investments through 2020.

Eisenkot’s definition of offense includes a full spectrum of intelligence-supported, networked-enabled attack capabilities by air, land, sea and in the cyber realm. He also calls for building up the IDF’s ability to insert paratroopers and other infantry units for direct attacks “on the center of gravity of the enemy.”

Attack operations must be “simultaneous and of high intensity,” while the IDF’s proven ability to mate air power and intelligence must be replicated across service branches and combat disciplines for truly joint attack operations, he writes.

Beyond the qualitative advantage of technologies, tactics and procedures needed for waging offensive war, Eiseonkot insists weaponry must be acquired in quantities that preserve what he calls critical mass.

Source: Israel Strategy Accents Offense Over Defense