Taliban Leader Reports Threaten Peace Talks

Taliban Leader Reports Threaten Peace Talks

Afghan Taliban sources confirmed to Al Jazeera on Thursday that the group’s reclusive leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, is dead. Responding to reports from the Afghan government a day earlier, the Taliban sources said they had held a meeting of the Shura Council Wednesday night and Thursday, where Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, head of the Quetta Shura faction, was named successor to the “Commander of the Faithful in Afghanistan.”

Amid speculation that Mullah Omar’s long-rumored death could throw a wrench into Afghanistan’s nascent peace process, Pakistan’s foreign ministry told Al Jazeera on Thursday it was postponing the second round of talks between Kabul and the Taliban that was slated for Friday in the Pakistani resort town of Murree.

Meanwhile, the Afghan Taliban, which has been fighting to overthrow the Afghan government for over 13 years, said on Thursday it is “not aware” of a new round of peace talks due to begin on Friday in Pakistan — a statement indicating the group may be pulling out of the negotiations.

Source: Taliban Leader Reports Threaten Peace Talks | Al Jazeera America