Poll finds growing opposition to Iran deal

Poll finds growing opposition to Iran deal

Public support for the Iran nuclear deal is declining, according to a new poll released Wednesday by critics of the agreement.

The survey released on Wednesday by Secure America Now found that 45 percent of registered voters want lawmakers to oppose the agreement, an increase of 8 percent from one month ago.

After hearing additional arguments for and against the deal, the opposition to the deal grew to 65 percent in the poll, indicating that advocates on both sides could have significant influence on the national debate over the coming weeks.

The most heated opposition comes from Republicans, though many Democrats are also growing critical of the agreement, which could point to a difficult few weeks for congressional Democrats. Overall, Democrats in Congress have expressed mixed emotions about the deal, which they will be forced to take a vote on in September.

“There’s some real message for Democratic senators here,” Pat Caddell, a Democratic pollster who helped run the survey, told The Hill. “Which is why so many of them I think feel caught, and they rightly should, in between the arguments.”

Democratic support will be increasingly crucial for the Obama administration ahead of the September vote in Congress to kill the deal. Republicans are expected to unite in their opposition to the pact, leaving Democrats with the choice of whether to sustain a veto from President Obama.

Source: Poll finds growing opposition to Iran deal | TheHill

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