Tunisia, Egypt Boost Libyan Border Security

Tunisia, Egypt Boost Libyan Border Security

The Tunisian government is erecting a fortified security fence that will cover 220 kilometers of its 459-kilometer border with Libya to prevent the free flow of fighters, weapons and goods trafficked from the war-torn neighboring country.

The Tunisian security project follows US approval in June of the possible sale of a $100 million mobile surveillance sensor system to Egypt for its border with Libya under the US Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. Egypt currently lacks remote detection capability for border violations and needs the equipment to stop foreign fighters, weapons, goods and human trafficking operations from crossing into its territory.

Site clearance work for Tunisia’s fence began July 15. It is located 8 kilometers into Tunisian territory from the frontier with Libya.

The government has not revealed the cost or announced any contractors that will work on the border fence, but images of the site published by Libyan media appear to show military bulldozers at work on one section.

Source: Tunisia, Egypt Boost Libyan Border Security