Evidence Grows of Saudi-led Forces in Yemen

Evidence Grows of Saudi-led Forces in Yemen

ABU DHABI — Evidence of Saudi-led coalition land forces operating in Yemen has been mounting since the initiation of Operation Golden Arrow to recapture the city of Aden on July 16.

Although no official confirmation from the coalition was provided, a coalition official has told Defense News that 600 servicemen and trained Yemeni fighters were deployed to recapture the port city.

“We are supporting the legitimate corps in the Yemeni armed forces militarily, logistically and with humanitarian aid and we are supplying them with materials and information,” Brig. Gen. Ahmed Al-Assiri, spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition told Al-Arabiya television in an interview on July 22. “However I will not be able to explain on what types of support or involvement as operations are still ongoing,” he added.

Since operations began, the coalition official said, Saudi Arabia has deployed 45 mine-resistant ambush- protected Oshkosh M-ATVs, while the United Arab Emirates has deployed 50 Emirati-made Nimr four-wheel-drive multipurpose armored vehicles as well as 25 Emirati-made Enigma eight-wheel-drive infantry fighting vehicles.

Source: Evidence Grows of Saudi-led Forces in Yemen