Travis Civic Leaders Get Taste of Space Wing Mission

Travis Civic Leaders Get Taste of Space Wing Mission

More than 40 of Travis’ civic leaders and honorary commanders visited and toured Vandenberg Air Force Base’s facilities July 14 to learn about the mission during a fly-away civic leader tour.

The group was welcomed by 30th Space Wing leadership before heading to the Western Range Operations Control Center for a briefing on the unique mission as well as what they would see on the tour.

The first stops in the morning included briefings at Space Launch Complex-6 and the SpaceX facility.

SLC-6 is a United Launch Alliance facility for the Delta IV rocket, an Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle. SpaceX is an aerospace manufacturer and space transport service company developing reusable rocket launching systems and supports the Falcon family of commercial space launch vehicles.

“I was awed by what I saw; the complexity and geographical spans of the base,” said Tom Gamble, 60th Air Mobility Wing honorary commander and Gamble Family Vineyards owner and manager. “The whole thing was neat to see how everything was put into perspective, from past to present. I was honored to be asked to be an honorary commander and won’t be able to stop talking about the trip. This visit was definitely worth it.”

After lunch with local Vandenberg civic leaders, the group headed back to the WROCC for an in-depth tour of the facility.


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Source:: Air Force Space Command