Netanyahu Calls on US Congress To Squash Iran Deal

Netanyahu Calls on US Congress To Squash Iran Deal

After months of increasingly strident warnings against nuclear negotiating concessions to Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling on “all for whom the security of Israel is dear” to deny those seeking to sign “a bad deal at any price.”

In remarks Monday in the Israeli Knesset obviously directed at like-minded supporters in the US Congress, Netanyahu insisted Israel is not obliged to the reportedly imminent agreement being finalized in Vienna between Iran and six world powers.

“We did not obligate ourselves to … an agreement, certainly not one that the powers are willing to sign at any price,” Netanyahu said.

“We did oblige ourselves to prevent Iran from arming itself with nuclear weapons and, indeed, if it weren’t for our efforts over the years, Iran would have already become armed with the atom a long time ago.”

Netanyahu noted that as the so-called P5+1 negotiators were “making more and more concessions at the negotiating table,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani presided over a weekend military parade where crowds alternately chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

“If, after these clear calls for destruction, negotiators continue to make concessions, apparently there are those who are ready to do a deal at any price and there’s no way and no will to prevent this bad deal,” Netanyahu lamented.

Source: Netanyahu Calls on US Congress To Squash Iran Deal