The Democrat Who Could Swing the Iran Deal

The Democrat Who Could Swing the Iran Deal

On Iran, Chuck Schumer feels the pressure more than most.

Balancing a large Jewish constituency pulling him in every direction, his own hawkish beliefs, the burdens of being the next Senate Democratic leader, and a White House intent on striking a historic accord, the senator from New York has kept unusually quiet.

But it’s clear that should a deal on Iran’s nuclear program be reached, Schumer’s support or opposition will be a key factor in whether the Democratic Party can speak with a united voice on a major foreign policy issue. Among his colleagues, Schumer is “obviously” an influential figure on the Iran issue, according to Democratic Sen. Christopher Coons, a Foreign Relations Committee member and a swing vote on the ultimate accord.

Senator Schumer is a passionate, engaged advocate on the concerns of America and America’s security, and he’s been a strong and persistent voice in the Democratic caucus about making sure that we only support a deal that is a strong and enforceable deal,” Coons said.

Source: The Democrat Who Could Swing the Iran Deal – Defense One