Boko Haram’s Civilian Attacks in Nigeria Intensify

Boko Haram’s Civilian Attacks in Nigeria Intensify

DAKAR, Senegal — The violent campaign by the Boko Haram militant group against Nigerian civilians appeared to intensify late on Sunday with two deadly attacks in Jos, a city in central Nigeria, underscoring the challenge the country’s new president faces in trying to suppress the group.

The attacks killed at least 44 people, and possibly many more. Gunmen and suicide bombers struck a popular restaurant and a mosque, shooting worshipers who had gathered for Quranic readings during Ramadan. The attacks brought the death toll from Boko Haram attacks in the last week to more than 200.

The carnage in Jos was devastating. There was an explosion at the Yantaya mosque, and worshipers began to flee. Umar Farouk Musa, a spokesman for J.N.I., or Jama’atu Nasril Islam, the country’s main Muslim organization, said that after the blast, “people emerged from nowhere, five of them, holding sophisticated arms, shooting sporadically into the crowd.”

Mr. Musa said he witnessed the mosque attack. “We saw these people emerging from nowhere, covered with blankets,” he said in a telephone interview from Jos, referring to the gunmen. “Before we knew it, they disappeared into thin air. There were victims beyond what we could count.”

Source: Boko Haram’s Civilian Attacks in Nigeria Intensify – The New York Times

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