China mum on foreign invites to military parade

China mum on foreign invites to military parade

BEIJING — Chinese organizers of a parade marking the end of World War II were keeping mum Tuesday over the sensitive question of which foreign countries’ militaries had been invited to take part.

The Sept. 3 event will include a speech and troop inspection by president and ruling Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, who also heads China’s armed forces.

War veterans and their descendants will also receive medals marking the 70th anniversary of victory in what China calls the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.

Parade organizers at a news conference stressed the significance of inviting foreign participants, but offered no details, saying those discussions were ongoing.

“The invitation to foreign militaries showed the wish of China and all other peoples to safeguard world peace,” Qu Rui, deputy director of parade steering group office, told reporters.

Observers say some foreign participants may face a difficult choice between offending Beijing by not taking part or taking part and appearing to endorse China’s growing military that can be seen as putting teeth behind its forceful assertions to territorial claims in the East China and South China Seas.

Source: China mum on foreign invites to military parade