Informant: Yemen Ex-Leader Worked With Al-Qaeda

Informant: Yemen Ex-Leader Worked With Al-Qaeda

Ali Abdullah Saleh’s government in Yemen supported and even helped direct Al- Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), according to allegations made to Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit.

A former Al-Qaeda operative who says he later became an informant for the Yemeni government made the claim during three days of interviews in a location outside the Gulf.

Hani Muhammad Mujahid, 38, told Al Jazeera that “many Al-Qaeda leaders were under the complete control of Ali Abdullah Saleh,” who was ousted as Yemen’s president in February 2012 amid a popular uprising. “Ali Abdullah Saleh turned Al-Qaeda into an organized criminal gang. He was not only playing with the West. He was playing with the entire world.”

Mujahid’s claims appear in a new documentary, Al-Qaeda Informant, which can be viewed in the YouTube player above.

The film explores Mujahid’s claims that:

Source: Informant: Yemen Ex-Leader Worked With Al-Qaeda | Al Jazeera America

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