Taiwan Pushes for New Weapons on All Fronts

Taiwan Pushes for New Weapons on All Fronts

TAIPEI — China’s steady acquisition of advanced weaponry has driven ambitious Taiwanese requirements, including plans to procure stealth fighters, advanced jet trainers, long-range unmanned reconnaissance aircraft and main battle tanks.

Some requirements are awaiting sale notification to the US Congress or are still working through the Ministry of National Defense’s internal programming process. Those include:

• MH-60R naval helicopters.

• Aircraft-deployed mines, such as the Quickstrike series.

• Shipboard electronic warfare system upgrades, such as the SLQ-32.

• Phalanx close-in weapon systems.

• Tactical datalink systems as part of a follow-on to the Po Sheng C4ISR upgrade program, now more commonly referred to as “Shyun An” or “Xun An.”

Among the Chinese programs spurring Taiwan’s response are Su-35 fighter aircraft and long-range S-400 surface-to-air missile systems. Chinese efforts in the South China Sea have also driven requirements for more ships and submarines, though these will be largely indigenous build programs.


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