Israel, Greece and US to Conclude Maritime Drill

Israel, Greece and US to Conclude Maritime Drill

TEL AVIV — Israeli, Greek and US naval forces are wrapping up a two-week annual exercise aimed at honing maritime proficiencies and interoperability for potential joint missions in the Mediterranean.

Now in its fifth year, the trilateral drill — dubbed Noble Dina — began April 29 in Souda Bay, Crete, and ends here Thursday after more than a week of anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training and joint maneuvers in international waters.

This year’s drill was the largest one yet, involving hundreds of military personnel and nearly a dozen surface, subsurface and air elements, including Greek and Israeli submarines, a Greek frigate and the US destroyer Laboon.

“Last year, we met in the high seas for the first time. And this year, we did it again, but under more complex scenarios and without advance planning,” said Lt. Col. Ziv Barak, designer and commander of the exercise on behalf of the Israel Navy.

In a Tuesday interview, Barak said all assets, including manned and unmanned aircraft, were involved in the protracted ASW part of the drill.

“We managed to join three fleets together at sea in scenarios much more involved than in previous years.”

Other mission scenarios included search and rescue, ship seizure and port security operations, Barak said.

Source: Israel, Greece and US to Conclude Maritime Drill

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