Dozens killed in tribal clashes in Sudan’s East Darfur

Dozens killed in tribal clashes in Sudan’s East Darfur


Khartoum (AFP) – Dozens of people were killed in clashes between two Arab tribes in Sudan’s troubled East Darfur state on Monday, a politician told AFP.

Fighting broke out between the Rezeigat and Maaliya groups around the Abu Karinka area of East Darfur state, the latest in a series of bloody ethnic and tribal conflicts in the region.

“The Rezeigat killed 60 people in their attack on the Maaliya and when the Rezeigat departed they left behind them 36 dead bodies and a number of wounded who have not been counted yet,” said Hamdan Tirab, a member of the state’s parliament for Abu Karinka, said by telephone.

Access to Darfur is strictly limited, so it is not possible to independently verify the toll.

Fighting “started at around 11:00 am (0900 GMT) and continued until dusk, and heavy weapons and government vehicles were used,” Tirab said.

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