AFIMSC activates detachment at AFSPC

AFIMSC activates detachment at AFSPC

Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center activated Detachment 1 at Air Force Space Command in a ceremony here May 12.

Maj. Gen. Theresa Carter, AFIMSC commander, presided over the ceremony as Col. Nathan Mooney assumed command of the newly established detachment.

Carter highlighted the importance of the detachment activation ceremony, saying, “It’s a visible way to demonstrate that we are one, moving forward and making progress, but two, that we are entrusting the detachments to the capable hands of a variety of leaders.”

“Our focus needs to be, and should continue to be, supporting commanders out in the field and in the major commands,” Carter said. “We really pushed to put graduating group commanders in charge of our detachments for a couple of reasons. One was to make sure that they never forgot what it took out in the field to support their squadrons, their group, and their wing where the rubber meets the road.”

AFIMSC was created as part of an Air Force plan to create efficiencies by realigning organizations at Headquarters Air Force, major commands, numbered air forces and field operating agencies.

“Continuity and change are really important and I think Space Command really embodies those two elements. You can’t take a day off in Space Command. It doesn’t happen, so your constant 24/7 mission certainly embodies that continuity. The mission never sleeps,” the general said.

Detachment 1 will be responsible for providing support and coordination of Air Force Space Command-specific installation and mission support requirements and priorities. 


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Source:: Air Force Space Command