Anger could derail Mexico’s economic recovery

Anger could derail Mexico’s economic recovery

Revulsion with the government of Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto over pervasive corruption and insecurity has become widespread in Mexico.

That sentiment could not only have consequences for Peña Nieto at the ballot box next month, but could also undermine the recovery of Latin America’s second-largest economy.

Peña Nieto entered office in 2012 promising reforms aimed at making the Mexican economy more dynamic and appealing to foreign investment. His platform was a departure from the emphasis of his predecessors on reducing violence and pursuing the drug war.

But the alleged corruption of Peña Nieto and other senior officials, escalating violence throughout the country, and dissatisfaction with many federal policies could undermine the efforts of his governing party, the center-right PRI, to maintain or expand its parliamentary advantage — and thus its ability to enact reforms — when Mexicans vote in national and local legislative elections on June 7.

Source: Anger could derail Mexico’s economic recovery – Business Insider

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